When Carvery Restaurant first opened its doors in September 2000, it was the first eatery in Sarawak to adopt the Brazilian ‘churrascaria’ concept. ‘Churrascarias’ are  restaurants where waiters serve from table to table with skewers of specially seasoned and slow-roasted meats prepared according to the Brazilian barbecue ‘churrasco’ way. Using savvy showmanship, the servers carve these delicacies tableside, creating an elegant and bountiful feast.

With more than 15 years of experience, Carvery Restaurant enjoys a string of strong loyal followers who value and trust its uncompromising and consistent food quality. It made a major change recently by relocating to an all-new city centre location at Abell Hotel, an official 3 Stars hotel, within Kuching’s golden triangle along the Tunku Abdul Rahman Road in April 2011.

The move to the City centre location has made Carvery more accessible than ever for its customers. In just over 5 years in Abell Hotel, Carvery Restaurant has taken yet another milestone by doing a total upgrade in April 2016. Now sporting a chic and inviting new look décor, incorporating a modern Bar area, secluded cosy sofa dining area and a private dining room within the huge dining area inside Abell Hotel, Carvery has upped its patrons’ dining experience yet to another new level.