Drinks & Juices


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, 100 Plus, Ginger Ale RM 5.00 per glass
Soda Water, Tonic Water RM 5.00 per glass
Ribena Sprite RM 7.00 per glass
Perrier Water RM 12.00 per glass
Mineral Water (500 ml) RM 5.00 per glass
Malta RM 7.00 per glass



Orange Vanilla Milkshake RM 9.00 per glass
Choc Vanilla Milkshake RM 9.00 per glass
Coke Float RM 9.00 per glass



Green Apple / Carrot / Honeydew / Orange OR Watermelon RM 12.00 per glass
Blazing Beets
(Beetroot, Green Apple, Carrot & Lemon)
RM 15.00 per glass
Pineapple Blush
(Pineapple, Green Apple & Lemon Grass)
RM 15.00 per glass
Sweet Greens
(Green Apple, Cucumber & Celery)
RM 15.00 per glass
Pink Power
(Tomato, Watermelon & Lemon)
RM 15.00 per glass
Healthy Habit
(Carrot, Green Apple & Orange)
RM 15.00 per glass



Fruit Punch RM 9.00 per glass
Orange, Mango, Pineapple RM 8.00 per glass
Lime Juice RM 6.00 per glass



Iced Lemon Tea RM 6.00 per glass
Speciality Tea (Earl Grey/Peppermint/Lipton Tea/Green Tea) RM 5.00 per glass
Hot or Warm Lime Tea Honey RM 8.00 per mug



Espresso RM 7.00 per cup
Ristretto RM 7.00 per cup
Americano RM 7.00 per cup
Cappuccino RM 9.00 per cup
Café Latte RM 9.00 per cup
Piccolo RM 8.00 per cup
Mocha RM 11.00 per cup
Iced Black Coffee RM 9.00 per glass
Iced Latte RM 11.00 per glass
Irish Whicky RM 22.00 per glass
Hot Chocolate RM 11.00 per cup
Iced Mocha/Iced Chocolate/strong> RM 12.00 per glass

[All Prices are subject to 6% Service Tax and 5% Service Charge]